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100% Wind Energy

Produced in Denmark

21.358+ Happy Customers

Produced in Denmark

Recycled Materials

Produced in Denmark

Shrugs off Strong Winds

Enjoy the breeze, secure in the knowledge that your parasol is secure!

100% Recycled Plastics

Baser is a family business, so we care about our future generations. Join us and thousands of other families who care for our planet by choosing our sustainable and durable shade products.

Baser is


Weather-resistant materials


Recycled plastics and wind powered production


Our products stand tall, even on windy days


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Everything fine, delivery time is reasonable, the product is great. Would buy again.

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Everything is great, design and functions! A great product and prompt delivery!

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Absolutely perfect. Hopefully it will last a long time; time will show...simple and clever

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amazing innovative product

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Safe and fast delivery

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Fantastic product, easy to move, no longer any heavy lifting of 50 kg granite :)

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Enjoy your time outdoors

Secure in the knowledge that your parasol is secure!

Most sustainable shade and base brand

Choose Baser,the most sustainable shade and base

From materials to manufacturing to delivery, we strive to keep our processes green. We began Baser as a family business, and we intend to become the world’s most sustainable choice for parasols and parasol bases.It’s an ambitious goal, but we know we can get there with your help.

Local manufacture and alternative energy

From the start, we chose to build our products here in Denmark, not only to have more control over our quality but also to save CO2 in transport.We save 27,854 kg of CO2 per year by shipping from here to Europe and the U.S. instead of shipping 50-kg granite parasol bases 20,000 km from China.

We also use 100% wind power in our production. Our supplier in Spain, who makes our durable outdoor fabric for our sandbags, uses energy from 100% renewable sources (30% from their own solar panels).

Sustainable materials 

Materials have a huge impact in sustainability. We produce our parasol bases and parasols using industrial scrap and ocean plastics. When you buy a Baser parasol base, you’ve helped transform 2 kg of usable waste into a beautiful and functional product! 

Complete recyclability

We create products that last for years, but nothing lasts forever. So we made our products 100% recyclable, either in our production or at your local recycling station. 

You can access our recycling portalto send your Baser parasol or parasol baseback to us when you can no longer use it. We’ll recycle it in our production, and you’ll receive a voucher for 10% off your next Baser product.

Rust-free and stable parasol base 

No more struggling with loose or lopsided parasols! Our patented base will make setting up shade a breeze for many years to come.

We combine Danish design and manufacturing with great quality and sustainable materials to create world-class bases that are easy to move. Made from industrial scrap and ocean plastics, our parasol bases are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. 

Tough sandbags for weight

Baser sandbags are a solid and durable solution for weighing down any of your outdoor furniture, from cantilever parasols to trampolines and drying racks. Baser weight bags have a waterproof, mould- and mildew-free fabric with high UV stability that will last for season after season.

Fast delivery and 30-day return policy

When you buy from, you can expect delivery within 1-3 days directly to your home or your local postal service.  

If you change your mind within 30 days of purchase, you can ship any unused parasol bases or sandbags back to us. All Baser products have a 2-year warranty and a 5-year spare-part guarantee. 

Why shop Baser?

You can find our products from the East Coast of the U.S. across central Europe to the beaches of Australia! We have 22,000+ happy customers who support our sustainability goals and love their purchases from us. 

We’d love to welcome you as well,whether you just want a sandbag for your drying rack, a  parasol for your garden or a new parasol base. You can shop locally in Austria, Germany,Denmark, Great Britain, France, Netherlands and the U.S

Got a question, a suggestion or an urge to say hello? Then please chat with us or email us at help (@) Hope to see you soon!

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