Parasol size guide: What size parasol should I choose?

We get this question a lot, as you can imagine.

Remember, how big your parasol needs to be depends on what you want to put in its shade.

We’ll give you the information you need to pick the right size parasol for you. To get our complete guide on which mistakes to avoid when getting a new parasol download the complete report here. .

Parasol size guide

Whether you want to create a cool spot for your outdoor dining area, by your pool or over your lounge, we’ve got you covered with our easy parasol size guide.

Pro tip:

Determining what size parasol you need depends on what you want to shade. For a 6-person table, a 3.5-metre canopy is great.

If you have a 4-person table to shade, you may want 3 - 3.3 metres. For a 2-person table, a 2-metre canopy could work well.

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Real life pictures: How big a parasol do you need?

To give you a better understanding of how large a parasol you may need, we collected a range of images from our happy customers

Parasol size: 2.8 meter

This option can shade a small table and 2 lounge chairs but also let you shade one fully and keep the other in the sun.

Parasol size: 2.5 meter

For a 2-person table, this choice provides plenty of cool shade and a tilt function for  when the sun moves.

Parasol size: 1.8x2.8 meter

If space is tight, a rectangular style can help shade a larger area, like this full table and half a sun lounge.

Parasol size: 3 meter

A 4-person round table is fully shaded with about 60 cm of extra shade around it.

Parasol size: 2.8 meter

Two small parasols instead of one large can give you more options for shade.

Parasol size: 3.5 meter

For a 6-person lounge, this choice provides a good combination of shade and sun.

Parasol size: 3.2 meter

You’ll want one of the biggest options available for an extra-large table. Height adjustment and tilt would be ideal to handle morning or evening sun. 

What size parasol do I need for my table?

What if you want a table parasol instead of a freestanding one? Then you need to consider the size of your table carefully.

Too large a parasol may make your table take off, and too small may leave some friends out in the sun.

If you have a table that seats more than 6, we recommend a cantilever or more than one freestanding parasol to create better shade options.

You might also consider a large commercial parasol or a gazebo, but those cost more.

Persons Round table (diameter) Rectangular table (length) Square table (side) Parasol size
2-4 60-120 cm 90-120 cm 60-90 cm 1.8-2.4 m
4-6 120-150 cm 150-180 cm 120-150 cm 2.4-3 m
6+ 150-300 cm 150-300 cm 150-300 cm 3-3.5 m

Pro tip:

You can find the right size parasol for your table by counting the number of people it can seat. For 2 to 4, a 1.8- to 2.4-metre canopy is great. A 2.4- to 3-metre parasol is perfect for 4 to 6.

Tables that seat more than 6 may need two or more freestanding parasols.

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