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Did you know the average person throws away more than a kilogram of rubbish a day? With only about 30% of that being recycled, manufacturers need to make more products repairable or recyclable. 


At Baser we strive to imitate nature, using and reusing resources as efficiently as possible. We hope you’ll join us in that effort.


You can repair your Baser product with free spare parts (small shipping fee) from our Repair Center or recycle it with our Recycling Portal.


Remember, your choice directly affects our world and how we use our materials now and in the future.   


All Baser products are 100% repairable,
prolonging the life of your purchase


Repair Center

We design our products so they last as long as possible, but nothing lasts forever. Our 5-year spare-part guarantee extends the life of your purchase so that you save money and precious resources. The first step in sustainable consumption is always repair.  


All Baser products are 100% recyclable,
prolonging the life of our planet. 


Recycling Portal

What if it’s beyond the guarantee period and completely worn out? No worries! Your Baser product is designed to be recycled into new products


You can participate in our recycling initiative by sending your product back to us. We’ll send you a shop voucher worth the value of the materials you send (maximum value: 5 EUR). We’ll reuse 100% of the material and produce completely new products out of it.


To learn more about waste and recycling, visit The Story of Stuff.

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