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Why Choose Baser

Original Cantilever

The Baser Original Cantilever 3 meter - an embodiment of elegance and functionality. This cantilever parasol sets itself apart with its high-quality 240g polyester fabric and a robust aluminum frame, complemented by a steel base that's been meticulously powder-coated inside and out for maximum durability and weather resistance. The Baser Original Cantilever ensures optimal UV protection while preserving its vibrant color and stylish appearance, no matter the weather. Its user-friendly design makes adjusting and positioning a breeze, providing you with versatile shade options for any outdoor setting. With the Baser Original Cantilever, you get more than just shade; you get a lasting statement of style and functionality.

Durable Frame

Sturdiness in Windy Conditions

100% Aluminum and durable Double Powder-Coated Steel Base.

Wave goodbye to the common issues of fragile cantilevers. The Baser Original cantilever is a blend of strength and longevity, featuring a side pole that's on average a robust 2.2 mm thick, well above industry norms.

Baser's parasol frames are designed for robustness, constructed from 100% aluminum with 1.2mm thick, exceptionally sturdy ribs that resist rust and endure even the strongest winds.

Crafted exclusively from 100% aluminum and with a solid, full-cast iron turning mechanism, the frame of the Baser cantilever is not only incredibly strong but also fully resistant to rust, capable of withstanding the fiercest winds. The moment you set up your new cantilever, you will feel its strength and lasting quality.

This parasol is available exclusively in a sleek black powder-coated finish, a sophisticated choice that seamlessly blends with any outdoor setting. Its naturally covered by our 5-year parts guarantee.

Strong Fabric

Maintains Color & Remains Sturdy

Solution-Dyed 240g/m2- Dense Thread Construction

Wave farewell to the common issues of substandard fabrics that fade, tear, and offer inadequate UV protection with the Baser Original Cantilever.

Our cantilever is designed with a superior 240g/m2 solution-dyed polyester fabric, ensuring not only a long-lasting, vibrant hue but also exceptional resistance to wear and tear. It's confidently supported by a 3-year guarantee against color fading, naturally with a 7-8 ICO certified colorfastness.

From your first touch, the premium quality of the fabric is evident - smooth to the touch yet incredibly durable. Rest assured, this high-caliber fabric is built to maintain its integrity and color brilliance for years.

Perfect Shading

Swiftly Control the Shade

Backwards tilt & 360 Degree turn

The Baser Original Cantilever stands out with its advanced design, featuring both a backward tilt and a seamless 360-degree rotation. This dual functionality grants you unparalleled control over your shading, allowing for smooth adjustments to the sun's varying positions, ensuring uniform coverage in any outdoor environment.

Adjusting your shade is effortless throughout the day, thanks to a design that harmoniously aligns with the sun's path from morning to night. The robust, full cast iron base enables a smooth 360-degree turn with just a gentle push, while a convenient knob twist adjusts the backward tilt.

Effective UV Protection

Shields You all Summer

>98% of UV Blocked

The Baser Original Cantilever excels in delivering exceptional UV protection, a capability not found in all parasols.

Subjected to stringent testing, each Baser Original Cantilever meets the Australian UV 801 standards, affirming its ability to block over 98% of UV rays.

Ideal for those instances when dad forgot to apply the sunscreen, or when you seek additional, reliable sun protection for your family, the Baser Original Cantilever is the perfect choice.

100% Guarantee

Lasting Confidence with Baser’s Spare Part Promise

At Baser, we stand firmly behind the enduring quality of our products. That's why we offer a comprehensive 5-year guarantee on all spare parts for our products. This means that with Baser, you're not just buying a parasol; you're investing in a promise of lasting confidence.

So how does it work? In the rare event you need a replacement part within this timeframe, count on us for swift and seamless support - you'll receive it promptly for free when you help cover the transport and handling costs.

You might wonder why we offer such an exceptional guarantee. The reason is straightforward: sustainability is at our core. We seek to maximize the use of recycled materials and employ sustainable energy in production; however, we do not stop there. After all, the most sustainable product is the one that lasts the longest.

Echoing the wisdom passed down from our grandparents, we believe in the lasting value of products. They often reminisced about a time when things were made to last, and if they broke, the solution was simple: fix them. This philosophy of enduring quality and repairability is ingrained in every Baser product.

Specifications and Certifications

From Fiber to Frame: Certified and Proven

Measurements & Dimensions
Materials & Certifications
Shipment & Delivery

Become part of the Baser Family

We will not rest in the shade until you are a happy part of our family

96% of all Baser customers are happy with their purchase, however, most importantly we always ensure that the last 4% become happy as well.

What Clients Say

Profile image

Impressed that such a simple thing can be redesigned in such a smart way! Definitely recommended - have 3 in my garden.

Profile image

Stylish parasol base with great functionality. The Base is stable and safe even in windy conditions, highly recommended and.

Profile image

"Before, I had nothing. I like Baser because of its design and ease of use. Others should choose Baser for the same reasons: it's well-designed and easy to use. I rate Baser 5 stars!"

Per Rasmussen
Profile image

amazing innovative product

Profile image

It can only be recommended. It is super nice that you can move it without too much hassle, and then it is stable even when it's windy

Profile image

Am so happy to finally swap my insanely heavy and yet wobbly parasol base with this great one.

Profile image

All the best and great product!

Profile image

Was shipped as expected, good product.

Profile image

"Baser is simply remarkable with its cantilever base. It's a genius design that adds an element of simplicity to my life. Choosing Baser is a no-brainer. It outshines all the other options effortlessly, leaving no room for competition. I rate Baser a solid 5 stars!"

Mechele kitching
Profile image

Best product ever to stabilize my shade! My kids love to sit on the sandbags - it is easy to move around, its pretty and you dont hurt your feet if you accidentally hit it :)

Profile image

"Before, I had an old table with a hole for the parasol. I like Baser because it is very light, easy to move, and stable with the sandbags. Others should choose Baser because it is incredibly sturdy, even with a heavy parasol. In windy conditions, I know it is safe. I rate Baser 5 stars!"

Tim Marray
Profile image

Fantastic product

Profile image

"Before Baser, I had nothing. Baser has made my outdoor experience effortless with its easy setup and portability. I highly recommend it for its quality. I rate my Baser 5 stars!

Cristian Faccin
Profile image

I have been missing this parasol base for the last 10 years as a homeowner. Simple and stylish. An old and useless concrete base can be picked up at the recycling station :-)

Profile image

Safe and fast delivery

Profile image

Super easy to move around. Nice design but I had some issues with the setup. Fixed it after talking to customer support.

Profile image

Fantastic product, easy to move, no longer any heavy lifting of 50 kg granite :)

Profile image

"Før havde jeg en granit parasolfod. Jeg er glad for Baser, fordi den er mobil. Andre bør vælge Baser, fordi den er håndterbar. Jeg giver Baser 4 stjerner!"

Søren Holm
Profile image

At first, I thought it was an expensive parasol base, but the screws on my regular base are helplessly rusted after 2 seasons. This base never rusts and the parasol is really firmly in place.

Profile image

I used to have a marble base, but Baser is the best environmental choice you can make!!

Heine Pedersen
Profile image

Basers way of handling orders is absolutely perfect. Accurate and without any problems.

Profile image

I used to have a regular, heavy base. I love Baser because it's so easy to move! As a mom of two, I need flexibility at home, and Baser is the perfect solution. In addition to its incredible quality and flexibility, its story is inspiring. A true pioneer in 2024.

Paola Vitale
Profile image

It’s brilliant, just what I wanted, and an excellent (so simple to use) design.

Profile image

Før havde jeg en plastik parasolfod, men jeg er så glad for min Baser. Den ligger perfekt og virker upåklageligt. Andre bør helt klart vælge Baser, da den ikke kun fungerer godt, men også ser pæn ud. Jeg giver den 5 stjerner!

Tina Rasmussen
Profile image

I was looking for something for my parasols that I could actually move around on myself (without a man nearby). I can only recommend others to buy here.

Profile image

I previously used a normal heavy base, but Baser has transformed my outdoor experience. It's so easy to move! As a mom of two, I need flexibility at home, and Baser delivers. Not only is it superb quality and incredibly easy to move, but the story behind Baser is also inspiring. As a pioneer in 2024, their commitment to sustainability makes them a perfect choice. I highly recommend Baser to anyone looking for both practicality and a positive impact on the environment

Jule Zieske
Profile image

I take every opportunity to recommend the product to others, as it is really stable and easy to move. Thank you for an amazing invention!

Profile image

Super easy to use the website. Simple to order and the base works perfectly :-)

Profile image

What did you have before? I didn’t have a base for this area Tell us why you like Baser? Because it’s a great space saver and very easy to put together. Tell why others should choose Baser? It’s eco friendly and very easy to move around

Julie Lockyer
Profile image

What did you have before? Bilka parasol Tell us why you like Baser? Baser sandsække er super stabile og lette at flytte rundt på, samt lette at installere Tell why others should choose Baser? Hvis man vil have en parasol der står fast i et område med vind og blæst skal man vælge baser Rate your Baser star-5

Latisha Anintya
Profile image

Great customer service, highly recommend

Profile image

Everything is great, design and functions! A great product and prompt delivery!

Profile image

Good experience

John J
Profile image

Everything fine, delivery time is reasonable, the product is great. Would buy again.

Profile image

The parasol base works impeccably good.

Profile image

Best parasol base. Holds even in stronger winds.

Profile image

Absolutely perfect. Hopefully it will last a long time; time will show...simple and clever


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Are the materials used in Baser parasols recyclable at the end of their life cycle?
How does Baser's online purchasing process work, and what kind of after-sales support can I expect?

Original Cantilever

Best in class Cantilever

Finding the Right Cantilever Parasol:

When it comes to finding the ideal cantilever parasol, consumers often look for terms like "best cantilever parasol," "affordable cantilever parasol," or "top-rated cantilever 3x3." Baser's Original Cantilever Parasol stands out in these searches, offering a blend of quality, affordability, and innovative design. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a high-quality cantilever parasol without the premium price.

Unparalleled Quality at an Affordable Price:

The Baser Original Cantilever Parasol is a prime example of an "economical cantilever parasol" that doesn't skimp on quality. It's designed for those who need a reliable, spacious shade solution like a "cantilever 3 meter" or "cantilever 2.5x2.5" but are also mindful of budget. This parasol offers substantial coverage, robust performance, and durability, typically associated with higher-priced models.

User-Friendly and Versatile:

Ease of use is a significant factor in choosing a cantilever parasol. The Baser Original Cantilever, known for its "user-friendly cantilever parasol" feature, provides effortless operation. This is ideal for customers searching for "simple-to-use cantilever" or "easy-to-adjust cantilever parasol," ensuring that it can be easily maneuvered and adjusted for optimal shade coverage.

Contemporary Design and Superior Functionality:

For those looking for a "stylish yet affordable cantilever parasol," the Baser Original Cantilever is a top contender. Its sleek, modern design enhances various outdoor settings, from private gardens to chic commercial spaces. This parasol is often sought after in searches like "modern cantilever parasol" and "elegant cantilever 3x3."

Outstanding Deals and Value:

The Baser Original Cantilever Parasol is not only about quality and style; it's also about getting the best value for your money. It's a popular choice for searches like "cantilever parasol deals" or "cost-effective cantilever parasol," offering exceptional value without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Outdoor Spaces:

Whether it's for a cozy backyard or a spacious patio, the Baser Original Cantilever Parasol's versatility makes it suitable for various environments. This adaptability is especially appealing to those searching for "versatile cantilever parasol" or "all-purpose cantilever parasol," showcasing its ability to meet diverse outdoor shading needs.

In conclusion, the Baser Original Cantilever Parasol is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, stylish, and practical cantilever parasol. It combines the latest in parasol technology with affordability, making it an accessible option for those wanting the best in outdoor shading solutions.

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